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We Customized our products according to needs of our valuable customer
Bristo's Security Alarm & Auto Dialer
  • Micro Controller Based
  • Operation from on-board Keypad
  • 8 Zones
  • Digital user code
  • Entry exit delays time 15,30,60,120 Sec
  • Night Mode Alarming
  • Main LED indication
  • Battery LED indication
  • Inbuilt battery backup provision
  • Manual self test facility
  • Message duration of 20 Seconds
Bristo's Remote Control Camera for Home Security
Fit this system on your door which is connected to remote sensor in your bedroom whenever a person ring bell or knocks door you can take whole view of your gate by pressing any key of your TV remote than camera and main gate light will get on & you can take view on your TV set. It also gives you the provision talking with person standing on your gate
Bristo's Remote Control House Lock
After Installing Bristo's Remote Control house lock you can open the main door by watching your guest on your TV Screen with the help of your remote control camera